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My business is now my legacy

Clarissa’s artistry shines through in everything she touches. She’s a curator of beauty, a master of aesthetics, a haute couture queen, and a kickass business woman. She brings high-class exclusiveness to her work, with the inclusiveness of your childhood BFF. She’ll help you create an empire and a legacy, with out of the box brilliance like no other!

Eevi Jones {Children’s book author}

“I have a newfound freedom”

I finally wholeheartedly know the direction of my business, but even better than that I feel like I’ve found the adult version of that carefree little girl that got lost somewhere along the way. For the first time in 15 years I’m proud of who I am when I look in the mirror. Thank you Clarissa for being a piece of my new found freedom.

Heather Woods {Designer and Dancer}

She loves her ladies fiercely

People gravitate toward Clarissa because of her deep love for them and the endless knowledge of entrepreneurship she shares so generously. She educates in the most gentle yet fierce way and helps women create a life for themselves that exceeds their wildest dreams. She is a four leaf clover in a sea of 3 leaf-ers.

Ulla Gaudin {Hollywood Makeup Artist}

“Clarissa is a branding genius”

Clarissa is an absolute genius. Her ability to walk both new and experienced entrepreneurs through the branding process is fresh, beautifully disruptive, and desperately needed. I truly believe she is leading the way for others to follow.

April Beach {Business development coach}

“She’s the Coco Chanel of online business”

We all talk about Clarissa being the Coco Chanel of online business and branding because she has this high-quality touch to everything that she does. And I can’t think of another person out there who has such a rich combination of expertise and business savvy, plus her incredible heart that just envelopes you in this world class experience.

Dr. Gladys Ato {Leadership mentor, psychologist, speaker, and author}

This process has healed me

Clarissa helped me uncover a beauty in my business that was buried underneath countless layers of fear and insecurity. And I SAW it. I FOUND it. The process was gentle, confronting, loving, transformative, and healing. Now I shine as a leader because of its sacredness. I feel powerful now… but it’s also peaceful. Clarissa is a wonder-making, wand-waving, sparkle-sprinkling fairy godmother! And I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

Sunshine Kamaloni {Race Strategist and Consultant}

Break open daydreams. Dust off hope. Shatter self-doubt.

Create an online business that ZINGS with purpose.

Break open daydreams. From Darkness, to brilliant renaissance... 

Take ONE magical step into your business dreams, TODAY! For free, M'lady!