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We feel so privileged to be part of someone’s business and personal brand journey. Especially when they’ve been transformed from amateur to EXPERT, woe to GLOW, meh to MAGNIFIQUE!

Megan Spaulding

Megan used Career Renaissance to gain crystal clear clarity around her business idea and gained the confidence and boldness to finally proudly put her work out into the world.

Kimberly Ann

Kimberly used Career Renaissance to pull out the incredible gold within her and create a business that helps mothers of young children, enabling her to leave her soul-crushing 9-5.


Clarissa helped me uncover a beauty in my business that was buried underneath countless layers of fear and insecurity. And I SAW it. I FOUND it. The process was gentle, confronting, loving, transformative, and healing. Now I shine as a leader because of its sacredness. I feel powerful now… but it’s also peaceful. She is a wonder-making, wand-waving fairy godmother! And I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

Sunshine Kamaloni {Race Strategist, Consultant & Author}

“She is a branding genius!”

Clarissa is an absolute branding genius. Her ability to walk both new and experienced entrepreneurs through the branding process is fresh, beautifully disruptive, and desperately needed. I believe she is leading the way for others to follow.

April Beach {Business Development Coach, Podcast Host & Dance Mum}

“She is the Coco Chanel of online business.”

We all talk about Clarissa being the Coco Chanel of online business and branding because she has such a high-quality touch to everything that she does. And I can’t think of another person out there who has such a rich combination of expertise and business savvy, plus her incredible heart that just envelopes you in this world class experience.

Dr. Gladys Ato {Leadership Mentor, Psychologist, Speaker, Author & Laughter Spreader}

“Clarissa is my single greatest role model.”

I’m still crying after listening to Clarissa’s message. She is my single greatest role model. This ability she has to speak about the ashes and the beauty of life and how to weave that throughout your business… it’s just SO powerful. SO inspiring. And I have a newfound vision for my work like I’ve never had before.

Sheri Miller {Energetics of Behaviour Expert & Horse Dancer}

“She turns everything to glitter.”

Her artistry shines through in everything she touches. She’s a curator of beauty, a master of aesthetics, a haute couture queen, and a kickass business woman. She brings high-class exclusiveness to her work, with the inclusiveness of your childhood BFF. She’ll help you create an empire and a legacy, with out of the box brilliance like no other!

Eevi Jones {Award Winning Children’s Book Author, Entrepreneur & Online Queen}

“She gave me the structure I so desperately needed.”

When I first started my business I quickly realised that being an entrepreneur wasn’t as simple as I thought it was going to be. I had a lot of knowledge and I knew what I needed to do, but I had NO any idea what I needed to do next. It was overwhelming. Clarissa provided the step-by-step process and the structure I needed to turn my business into something I was extremely PROUD of. I love it.

Robbin Folsom {Life Coach, Family Recovery Specialist & Sweetheart}


“The emotional return is beyond worth it. And honestly – I would pay that money five times over just to have done in my heart what was done through Entrepreneurs Arising. It was enlightening to find out why I am the way that I am, why I care about the things I care about, and why I am the PERFECT person to carry this message into the world. Clarissa and Keeley pulled all the gold out of me and showed me how to showcase it through my new brand in a way that made me feel PROUD and BOLD, because I’ve been convicted of my WORTH and my PURPOSE like never before. It’s healing. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it – if you work with these ladies, your life and your business will be changed forever.

Megan Spaulding

{Podcast Host, Web Developer, Destiny Defender}


Clarissa makes you feel seen, heard, and honoured, no matter where you’re at in your business journey. And I’m so very grateful for her time, expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to helping people like me realize our dreams, and making the world a whole lot kinder, and more beautiful. She is one of a kind, a true gift to the world, and I’m so thrilled that our paths crossed in this lifetime. The universe really does give you what you need when you need it.

Doreen Gail {Creative Copy Expert, Humanitarian & Curious Bird}

Dr. Gladys Ato

Dr. Gladys Ato used the program to energise, uplift and inspire her. She was able to tap into her unique ‘Beauty’ and translate and beautifully express her magic throughout her brand. 

Shlomit Tassa

Career Renaissance brought Shlomit incredible confidence, clarity and changed the direction of her future. Her business now brings her the flexibility and freedom she longed for.  



She left me speechless {which doesn’t happen often.} And it makes me remember the first time we crossed paths online, where I though, “She’s someone special.” I had no idea she was such a big deal back then – that her work had been splashed on the covers of countless magazines. But I recognised that there was a bright and beautiful light in her, a wise and generous light that almost always comes from a deep and devastating knowledge of the dark. She humbles my heart and I am in awe of her presence, her resilience, and her incredible courage in finding her way back to the light. Clarissa is the epitome of beauty and oh-so-filled with Grace.

Chloe McFeters {Writer, Documenterian & Personal Historian}

“She’ll turn your business into pure visual magic.”

Clarissa over delivered beyond my wildest expectations. It’s like she sees into your heart and turns everything inside of you into pure visual branded magic. I’ve been able to use the branding and photography she helped me create and take my business to an entirely new level. I finally feel like the way I’m visually presenting myself to the world mirrors the high quality of my work. And as an artist, there is nothing more empowering than that!

Jennifer Rosenfeld {Musician, Composer & Writer of Magnificent Musicals}

“Her story makes me want to scream out in rage.”
The way Clarissa writes about her story makes me weep {WEEP!!!} for the pain and beauty of humanity. Where her journey makes you want to scream out in rage for the cruelty of life, but also fall to your knees in praise for its redemptive beauty. But how can these two coexist? Read her story and feel it for yourself.

Tree Franklin {Writer, Lover, Dreamer & Coach}

“I have a newfound freedom.”
I finally wholeheartedly know the direction of my business, but even better than that I feel like I’ve found the adult version of that carefree little girl that got lost somewhere along the way. For the first time in 15 years I’m proud of who I am when I look in the mirror. Thank you Clarissa, for being a piece of my new found freedom.

Heather Woods {Jewellery Designer & Professional Dancer}

“You’ll see yourself through the eyes of heaven.”

Clarissa has this amazing ability to make everyone in her presence SHINE. To make the invisible women of the word GLEAM. It’s what happened to me. To my business. To my brand. And it’s what will happen to you too… she’ll make you see yourself through the eyes of Heaven.

Sunshine Kamaloni {Race Strategist, Consultant & Author}

“In 6 weeks, their entire identity has changed.”

I’ve just taken four ladies through my group program for the first time. It’s only been six weeks and I’m already seeing such huge changes in them. It’s SO exciting. The colours they’re wearing, the smiles on their faces, the way they’re speaking… It’s like their entire identity has changed. It’s incredible! I could never have done this without Clarissa and Keeley!

Angela Dawn {Art Therapist, Author, Coach and Wonder-Woman}


I knew I wanted to help women through my business, but I had no idea HOW. Clarissa helped me examine my life and extract all the pain and beauty and triumph and turn it into an idea that I’m SO passionate about because it is literally interwoven with who I am. It almost brings me to tears thinking about it because I never realised my own strength or that I had everything I needed inside of me. But I could never have done this by myself. Ever. It would have taken YEARS!

Kimberly Rogers

{Interior Designer, Colour Psychologist, Rainbow unicorn & super cool chick.}


I’ve always thought of myself as a courageous person, but before I started working with Clarissa, it was always such a slippery concept. On good days I felt brave in my business, and I loved that feeling. But on bad days I was petrified and I had zero tools to deal with it. There were times where I’d be left paralyzed in my own fear for weeks, months even. Scared of not being good enough, valuable enough, smart enough, and it was the worst feeling in the world. But I feel powerful now. Even my husband says I’m like a completely new person because I’m confident in my worth and the value I provide my clients. And it’s like I can do anything. It’s like I’ve gone back to a time where I’m a girl again and I’ve gone out into the big wide world where anything is possible. I’ve realised how much I miss that feeling, and I owe that to Clarissa.

Adi Nouriel {Business Startup Coach & Mother to Three of the Cutest Monsters Ever}

Doreen Gail

Career Renaissance took Doreen from a place of indecision and years of overwhelm and “trying” to start a business to pulling her work together, presenting herself confidently and being able to quote upwards of $10,000 a month.

Angela Dawn

Career Renaissance enabled Angie to finally make her business dreams a priority. It helped her unpack and unravel her abundance of ideas and channel them into a stunning program for women. 


Both my husband and I were working in full-time tech and making really good money. But we had three young kids at home which meant the price we were paying was WAY too high. I was getting more and more desperate and depressed. I knew starting an online business was going to be the best thing for ALL of us, and after spending a LOT of money on a bunch of courses that didn’t work, I enrolled into Entrepreneurs Arising. What I loved most is that Clarissa and Keeley make it impossible for you to fail because they’ve created such a strong support system to get you from start to finish. My results have been truly SPECTACULAR. But the best bit has been knowing that I am now a positive role-model to my girls because I am showing them that they can have a BEAUTIFUL life of their own making. That’s the bit I’m most proud of. It’s been so EXCITING!

Shlomit Tassa {Burnout Expert, Tech Wizard & Most Photogenic Person on the Planet}

“Clarissa is an artist. A master of aesthetics. A curator of beauty.”
She is changing the way we define branding and business once and for all… THANK GOD! She’s a world-class leader when it comes to nailing your personal style so that it shines through in your brand. And if you’re like me and everyone else who meets Clarissa Grace, you’ll immediately fall immediately in love with her, her story, and her mission.

Dr. Gladys Ato {Leadership Mentor, Psychologist, Speaker, Author & Laughter Spreader}

“If she wrote 1,000 books, I’d read every single one of them.”
Clarissa’s story is equal parts beautiful, equal parts tragic. I am in awe of her poignant and poetic writing, and I pray she never stops sharing her soul. I am a better person for it.

Kathy Haan {International Success, Business Mentor & Fulltime Glamour-Puss}

“Clarissa brought me out of my critical-bitchy shell.”

It’s safe to say that my default thoughts weren’t filled with rainbows and unicorns. They were critical, harsh and kind of bitchy. But as I worked with Carissa, I came out of my critical-bitchy shell. At first I kept fixating on all the negative things. But something started to happen, I suddenly kind of liked what I saw in the mirror (WHAT?). This one moment changed the way I look and feel about my body…and myself. What a gift!

Diana Tower {Community Expert & GIFF Extraordinaire}

“She’ll love you fiercely!”

People gravitate toward Clarissa because of her deep love for them and the endless knowledge of entrepreneurship she shares
so generously. Over 20 years of it! She educates in the most gentle yet fierce way and helps women create a life for themselves
that exceeds their wildest dreams. She is a four leaf clover in a sea of 3 leaf-ers.

Ulla Gaudin {Hollywood Makeup Artist to Fancy Folk like Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman & Keanu Reeves}

“She has been the BEST investment ever.”
Working with Clarissa has literally been the best investment ever. Now I know how to block out the white noise of fashion and focus on the pieces that speak to me and speak about me and my business. My brand and my clothes finally go together like a couple of giggling little girls holding hands running through the playground. She really has no idea what an impact she has had on my business and on my life.

Kylie Wolfig {Founder of Thyroid School & The Thyroid Life Academy}


I enrolled into Entrepreneur Arising within 24 hours of finding Clarissa on Facebook. THAT’S divine purpose! I’d always had this desire to make an impact, and I’ve been searching for at least the last two decades for someone who could help me make it happen. I’ve spent a ton of money and wasted tons of hours on other programs, but they never worked. They never offered extra help or support. That’s what makes Clarissa and Keeley different. The step-by-step support they give you until the very end, along with the unwavering BELIEF they have in you… I went from feeling like a farmers wife with five kids and a pie-in-the-sky dream, to a powerhouse business woman who builds programs, hosts retreats, and publishes children’s books! What a breakthrough! I’m actually changing these women’s lives! And I could never have done it without them.

Angela Dawn

{Art Therapist, Author, Coach and Wonder-Woman}

Break open daydreams. Dust off hope. Shatter self-doubt.

Create an online business that ZINGS with purpose.

Break open daydreams. From Darkness, to brilliant renaissance... 

Take ONE magical step into your business dreams, TODAY! For free, M'lady!